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BEAT YESTERDAY has developed new performance management systems by combining concepts from traditional bookkeeping programs with several other key factors such as gross sales, production schedules and employee data to enable accurate financial forecasting for business managers.

Invented in 1888 our books have been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide to stay on top of their most vital business drivers.

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Record vital information from point-of-sale and accounting or bookkeeping systems. View income and expenditures side by side. Create a formula column to determine profit - and instantly compare it to previous years on the same screen Takes only minutes a day!

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To know where you are going in business, you must know where you have been. "To perpetuate growth, it must be measured."
Eileen Devries- Merrill Lynch
"Beat Yesterday creates a culture of consciousness of productivity."
E. Reineman- Weavers Dept. Store
"Beat Yesterday does for me what nothing else does - I can't imagine running my business without it!"
E.Martin, Prescriptives