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Video Beat Yesterday testimonials
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"I've been with McDonalds for 15 years. We always use BEAT YESTERDY as a quick reference and projection device." Myron Shenlele- McDonalds

See what other clients have to say about BEAT YESTERDAY and its sales forecasting methods:
  • "I've been in retail for 25 years. I've always used BY. It really does make a difference." Melissa Goldman

  • "We've used BY since 1968. It clearly shows us our trends and helps us project future sales. We love BY!" Ann Roeber- Orange Tree

  • "Beat Yesterday creates a culture and consciousness of productivity" E. Reinman, Weavers Dept Store

  • "We use this as a motivational device with our salespeople, urging them to beat last year's totals." J. Helpern, Bally of Switzerland

  • "I love it! Everyone should use BY!" Loni Sisco- Loni's Fashion
"Beat Yesterday is an indispensable business aid, for any type of business." R. Shaw, Merrill Lynch

See what these clients have to say about BEAT YESTERDAY and its business forecasting capabilities:
  • "What business person wouldn't want to use Beat Yesterday?" S. Whitman, Pearle Vision

  • "That is the best business tool there is!" Al's Shoe Store

  • "That's our bible. It's the most important tool in our store. I've been with them for 30 years." Jean Wright- Ben Franklin

  • "I've never been without scheduling trends. I love this book!" Rhonda Holland- McDonalds

  • "BY is the greatest thing in the world. Every business should have one." Linda- Merle Norman

  • "It's amazing. You should know where you are, where you've been, & where you're going. BY gives you this." Randall- Rangoni Shoes
"There's nothing like Beat Yesterday for helping you see where your business is at" J. Johnson, McDonalds

See what these clients have to say about BEAT YESTERDAY as a budgeting and forecasting tool:
  • "I like to look at it each and every day. Their wonderful! A key important thing! It's my bible- whoever doesn't use it is a moron. I'd be lost w/o it." Jim Weth- St. John Knits

  • "Can't live without it! It's awesome." Alice- Ethel M Chocolates

  • "I love it. It shows you what you need to see at a glance." Subash- Liquor King

  • "I recommend BY to any business. They are the greatest." Andy Crowe- Hillside Bowl

  • "Beat Yesterday does for me what nothing else does - I can't imagine running my business without it!" E. Martin, Prescriptive

  • "We call Beat Yesterday our bible and rely on it as one of the most important factors in operating our business." R. Chewning, Chewning Footware

  • "I couldn't live w/o it. I love it & use it everyday!" Chris- St. Barnabas